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All of my children's picture books are filled with my heart and soul. Each and every illustration is completed by hand, all the color is done by hand and some digital coloring as well. I hope that you enjoy every book, as much as I do creating them for you.

A comment from a fan " You're welcome! He loves both of them so much we have read them a hundred times already!"

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Bridgette Edmond

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My name is Bridgette, I am a new children's book author and illustrator from the Smoky Mountains. I hope that my readers enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy creating them. All of my books illustrations are drawn and colored by hand, I put my entire being into all of my work. "I want to make a difference in someone's life, even if it's just one person I have reached, I have made a difference in this big world."- Bridgette Edmond



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